Students who serve on the Dining Services’ Student Advisory Committee have a voice in decisions that affect the quality of student life. This committee of 20 or fewer students meets every three weeks with Dining Services directors and other staff members to provide suggestions, advice, and feedback regarding dining facilities, programs, services, and staffing. The administration takes recommendations made by this committee seriously and often acts on the committee’s input immediately.

Past projects the Student Advisory Committee helped develop include the Flex plans, sustainable dining options, Crossroads Culinary Center, Union Marketplace, One World Café designs and names, menu item selection, and much more.

Committee Membership

To be eligible for consideration, a student must live on campus and/or have an active dining plan, be available to attend in-person meetings, and be genuinely interested in providing input on dining issues.

Selected participants will receive 20 Dining Points for each meeting attended.

Committee members must be available to attend meetings, one approximately every three weeks. Fall 2024 Meetings will be scheduled in August.

If you are interested in joining, please apply at